Stirring Coffee


Life is so tough but you my friend are TOUGHER! There is a lot we can do in our daily lives but being positive can be so challenging!

If you feel like its just one blow after another, you are in the right place! Or maybe you just want to be friends with some real & raw women. We are here to encourage and lift you up by sharing the ugly truths about our lives! 

Need a speaker at an event? No matter how small or big, we are your gals!

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Every single individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back. We, Cindy & Elyse, are here to help you in your journey. Through real life experiences and proactive coaching, you wont feel alone anymore. We are very honest and open about our own ups and downs. This is to help YOU see you are not the only one to experience these things. We are building a community of people from all different walks of life to help one another get through it all. It takes a village, and we have learned we need YOU as well! 

We believe 1 ba-gillion percent (that is a legit measure HA!)  that you can have a real, honest rest & relaxation lifestyle. You first have to peel back some layers, get real & raw, and make little steps to a more positive life!