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"Good Idea Heaven"

On the heels of our “Putting it into Gear” podcast, I sit and reflect about my parenting. How many times I thought up ideas that would be good experiences for my kids, all to let them float off to “good parenting idea” heaven. I’ve thought up ideas like, making a chart for chores, sending an encouraging text to my teens daily, set up weekly meetings with each child to check in, but many times I let my perfectionism get in the way. If it wasn’t the perfect plan and possible failure existed, well then what’s the point right? TRIAL & ERROR is the point! There is just no such thing as perfect, especially as a parent. Expect failures as a parent, but look at those failures as lessons. You need to acknowledge accomplishments with celebration and acknowledge failures with a lesson learned and a celebration for learning that lesson!

If you are having a parent/child struggle, I challenge you to put your parenting idea into gear. Whether you borrow an idea from another parent, or you brewed up your own idea, please give it a go! You may find that the idea needs tweaking for your family, or you may find that the technique didn’t work at all. But it most likely will spark new ideas. Communication with your kids about the new plan is the first key to success! Let them in on the plan, give them some ownership of the plan. For example, If you are starting a chore chart, maybe let your kids determine chores for the week and what reward they are working for (with your boundaries, of course). Our goal as parents should be to guide our kids to their own independence nudging them back on course when needed. Your child/children will consistently need you to adjust your parenting techniques as they grow so don’t fight it, put new parenting ideas into gear and parent on!

Written with love,

Cindy Manko

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