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The Battle of Change

February 2015 that positive pregnancy test was the last thing I expected. My marriage wasn't in an ideal place to bring another child into it. Fast forward to August 2016 and our marriage is in no better place than before, in fact, it was crumbling. I was served divorce papers that month as well as an epilepsy diagnosis for seizures I'd been having since delivering our second child. The fear and anxiety was more than I could handle. Just a few months later, I lost my job of eight years and faced the bills of a newly built home, two kids, medical issues and now, no job and no health insurance should we finalize our divorce that March 2017. Thankfully, we agreed to go to court that day and ask for a dismissal. Not only to maintain my health coverage but also to attempt reconciliation. Relief. I was able to find a decent job and we tried to work on things. Counseling and communication weren't enough. We decided it would be best to end our marriage in the hopes of maintaining a friendship. After all, we'd been together since high school, 17 years old. Here I am, 12 years since then and walking in this afternoon to finalize our divorce. It's not easy, but it's what's best for our family. I now have a beautiful home in the country and a great job. The days are still hard for me sometimes, I feel like the past three years have been so difficult I often find myself in need of a pep talk that I've made progress. One day at a time..

Infertility & Loss

We have 2 kids, soon to be 15 and 3. Both conceived on birth control. 10 months postpartum started trying for a 3rd baby. 8 months, no luck, so started fertility treatments. I suffer from endometriosis. A year after treatments of clomid, trigger injections, and later iuis. We got pregnant finally but had our first miscarriage. A few months later we were pregnant again and had another miscarriage. Fast forward 5 months later, we were finally pregnant AGAIN and this time it felt different. I knew that baby was ok. Everything was perfect until they realized it implanted on my c-section scar. UofM had to terminate the baby for my safety. It's been 4 months and I've had weekly ultrasounds to make sure it's not growing and my body is slowly absorbing it. Meanwhile I still look pregnant and my hcg is still at 25. This is by far the hardest thing I've been through. I decided a month ago to call a therapist and started seeing her. Things are slowly getting better a little everyday.

Surviving hard times

So my story is kind of long. My son was born with cord wrapped and is visually impaired. Fast forward to age 11 diagnosed with Aspergers and age 14 diagnosed-with CP in both legs. School could not educate him. We were in UCS and when he was in 5th grade we moved him to Rochester. They told us he wouldn’t graduate high school. I started to find a school. Moved him with my one daughter to Maryland for their school for the blind. My husband stayed in Michigan for six months waiting on a transfer with my other son who was attending college. My youngest was only going into the 8th grade. My husband arrived in January and started his new job. He started to get really depressed and wasn’t acting normal so he took a short term disability. He was working midnights and they said he couldn’t handle the time change. A month later he starting moving slow, Not long after he fell and almost went out a window. By the time we saw a neurologist in 6 months later he had progressed from a mild deficit on the Nero scale to a massive one. He was diagnosed with Atypical Parkinson’s disease. He hasn’t worked since June 31 of 2012. My youngest though thrived at his new school! In two years they had him reading at a college level plus, he graduated! That was my only wish for him. The year he graduated we made a decision to move. We choose three states.  Our agreement was who ever got the first job that was the state that we would land in. Well my daughter was offered a job in Tampa so there we went! My son who had the health issues, had decided to walk around Disney to build his leg strength up. He woke us up at midnight to tell us he couldn’t sleep and his body hurt so bad. He took too much medicine for pain which left him in a bad state. They told us that he would wake up in three days and be fine. That didn’t happen. It turns out he had something from his meds called Neuroleptic malignant syndrome. He got two types of pneumonia. He was put on a roto prone bed.  He threw a pulmonary embolism. I signed a DNR at this point. We were 14 days into coma and at 15 days they do a transfer to long term care with a tracheotomy. Meaning vegetable. The very next day he turned completely around and they pulled the tube two days later. Day 17. He then had 4 grand mal seizures over a span of a few days. He was discharged a week later to a rehab facility to get him back up walking. We came home finally to spend every day with either home-care or a drs apt. He may never walk. But I was able to breath for the fist time three weeks ago when hubby and I went to dinner by ourselves. You can’t even imagine the cost of this! It has been challenging to say the least but life is getting back to normal. I HAVE SURVIVED. 

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